Sign off on your Title 24 Report

Almost all residential Title 24 reports (including Single family, ADU and Low rise multi-family Title 24 reports) need to be registered with a HERS registry before submission to the city. This is required by the California Energy Commission and the building departments also require a watermark and a registration number on the Title 24 energy calculations, which gets added in as a part of the registration.

Cheers ( is one of the two major HERS registries certified by the California Energy Commission. It is, in our opinion, the simplest to use and with good customer service. Hence, we use Cheers for registering our residential Title 24 reports.

As a part of the registration process, the digital sign off of the responsible person needs to be captured by the HERS registry. The responsible person can be the architect, designer, builder or homeowner-builder. We generally take the details of this concerned person from you at the start of the project itself.

To complete the sign-off, we generally send a sign-off request via email to the email address of the responsible person. If this does not work, we then require the responsible person to log into and directly sign-off on the CF1R there. Below are how both the options work.

Signing off on your residential Title 24 via email

Once you give us a go ahead on the draft building specifications, we send a sign off request via to the responsible person. 

Please note, this sign-off request would be an email coming directly from to the email address of the responsible person. 

The email might look something like the one below with a button that says “sign” on the email body. The responsible person simply needs to press this sign button to complete the sign off. This completes the registration of the Title 24 energy calculations with the HERS registry. 

You can refer to the below video on how to go about this simple process of signing off on the California Title 24 report via email.

Signing off on your residential Title 24 by logging into Cheers

If the above option of signing off via email does not work, the responsible person can directly log into and sign off on the Title 24 report there.

When we upload a Title 24 for registration, we also parallelly create the account of the responsible person. The username of the responsible person is the registered email address itself.

Hence, if  the responsible person is not aware of the login credentials to his/her Cheers account, they can simply use their email address as the username and use the Password Reset option on to set the Password again.

Once they are able to log into, they will see a list of all projects that they are added to. Simply click on the concerned project to go to the project details screen.

On the project details screen, they will see a yellow colored bar that reads PRF01. It will be under the CF1R – Compliance section. On the same bar, there will be a pencil icon. Kindly press this pencil icon and on the next screen press Sign and Close. 

This completes the sign-off and you will see the CF1R bar turn green, which was previously orange. Once the sign-off is done, the California Title 24 report is officially registered with a HERS registry. 

You can refer to the below video on how to go about this simple process of signing off on the California Title 24 report by logging into the Cheers website.

What happens after the responsible person successfully sign off on the California Title 24 report?

Once the above step is done, we compile the final California Title 24 report documents as 8×11 as well as plan sized PDFs (24×36 or 30×42) and send over to your email address. Your project design now complies with the Title 24 standards and your Title 24 energy calculations are ready to be submitted to the building department. You can simply add the plan sized PDFs to your plan set, update the sheet index accordingly, and submit your plans to the city. If any revisions or plan checks, we are here to help!

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