Title 24 Consulting and
Online Report Service.

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Get Title 24 Consulting and
Online Report Service.

If you are a returning customer, please Log In to view all your past projects and payments

Get Title 24 Consulting and
Online Report Service.

If you are a returning customer, please Log In to view all your past projects and payments

How to get a Title 24 Report ?


Please submit the project details via our website or email


We analyze the plans and get back with the most cost effective specs that also meet Title 24 compliance


Per your preference, we fine-tune the specs where possible


On confirmation, we upload the report for registration


On sign off, we email the final Title 24 report PDFs to you

Not sure what you need to get started? or any other questions?

We are in California and provide a Title 24 report for all cities in California including
San Francisco
San Jose
San Luis Obispo
Kern County
Santa Maria
Santa Barbara
Santa Clarita
Los Angeles
San Bernardino
Yuccs Valley
Moreno Valley
Orange Country
San Clemente
San Diego

About us

Get Title 24

We are a specialist California Title 24 Energy Consultant and provide Title 24 Energy Compliance reports for projects across California, through a streamlined, customer centric and online service. We work with Architects, Designers, Builders, Contractors and Homeowners across California on varied Residential and Commercial projects to help comply with the California Title 24 Energy Code in a cost effective and practical manner. 

We are a CABEC Certified Energy Analyst and have an experience of 7+ years dedicatedly focusing on Title 24 energy consulting. We have successfully completed 1000s of different types of projects ranging from Single Family Residences, ADUs, Low Rise Multi Family projects, High Rise Multi Family projects as well as Offices, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, etc. In the process we have garnered some amazing customer relationships and take pride in the dependability that our customers have on us. Please do take time to review some of our testimonials too.
We understand the location specific requirements of your county/city well and use state approved Title 24 compliance software to calculate the compliance of your project with the Title 24 California Energy Code. You can rely on us to take care of your project’s Title 24 report and energy consulting needs, now and during the entire lifecycle of your project.

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Why us​

Why Choose Us

Title 24 Specialists

We dedicatedly provide Title 24 consulting services and are the Title 24 consultant of choice for leading Architects, Designers, Builders across California

Certified Energy Analyst

We are a CABEC Certified Energy Analyst for the state of California

7+ Years of Experience

We have successfully completed 1000s of Title 24 reports of virtually every kind all across California over the past 7+ Years

Simple Pricing

We charge a price of $250 for most Title 24 reports

Express delivery

We can deliver Title 24 reports to your email within 2-3 working days or faster on request

All California

We do Title 24 Reports for projects in all 58 counties of California and understand the local County requirements well

Payment Flexibility

You can pay digitally via any Card or PayPal

Technology Enabled

We are engineers by background and leverage technology where ever possible to give a better experience to customers

Always there!

We offer assistance for all things Title 24 during the entire project life cycle – including during Revisions, Plan Checks and RFIs

$ 250

We charge a simple flat

rate for most of our projects*

Our pricing is all inclusive. It includes report registration, plan sized PDFs, RFIs, Plan Check Comments and Corrections

*For most detailed project specific pricing, please visit the Order Title 24 or the Pricing section


Client Testimonials

I highly recommend Viranchi Shah. We have worked together for many years. They are very responsive and can always meet tight deadlines.

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John Valle

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Professional, easy to work with quick turn around. Get title 24 is my first choice for title 24 reports.

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Richard Muhl

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Viranchi's services are a good value. For a reasonable price, Get Title 24 will efficiently and professionally process the title 24 report based on your drawings. Highly Recommend.

Author Image

Emilio Verdugo

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"Viranchi was extraordinarily knowledgeable, informative, thoughtful, patient, and supportive. It was a real pleasure and privilege to work with a professional of his high caliber, which benefited my project greatly. Viranchi and his company came through as promised and, if

Author Image

Ray Schreck

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I have an odd project house and Viranchi worked with me to get this big girl to pass Title 24. With a non-permitted, already built basement apartment and converted attic rooms, on top of a big old house with high

Author Image

Suzanne S

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Worked with Viranchi in a report for a Single Family Residence, this was a very complex new construction build. He worked very punctual on his time, very detailed on his report, and upheld all his promises. Will utilize his service

Author Image

Jason Sundling

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I am doing a small home addition/renovation and live in California where there are a lot of regulations, including title 24. Most people had scared me about how overwhelming the title 24 would be, and how costly. I found Get

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Pick this company for your Title 24 needs! Viranchi was very patient and knowledgeable helping us meet the energy and solar qualifications for the small ADU/Art Studio project we are building in the backyard. He was very easy to work

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I will recommend them to everyone / they work fast and get the job done correct. Trust worry and best price we could find for our project. I am so appreciative of all their hard work making our dream come

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Los Angeles

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What is the Title 24 Energy code? And what is a Title 24 Report?

The California Title 24 Energy Code is a subset of the California Building Code that all new constructions, additions and alterations, of Residential or Commercial projects, in the state of California need to meet. This code governs the energy efficiency of the building as well as the indoor and outdoor environmental quality.

The Title 24 report is an officially generated Certificate of Compliance that confirms that the proposed building design complies with the California Title 24 energy code standards. It is required to be submitted along with the rest of the Architectural plans to the city at the time of permit approval. 

We help generate the Title 24 report for your project after doing a thorough modeling and performance simulation of your building design. Almost all projects require some or the other upgrade to be able to meet Title 24 energy code compliance due to the stringent and ever increasing code standards. We recommend minimal, optimal and cost effective upgrades to meet Title 24 code compliance and work along with you to finetune the upgrades per your preferences.

Our Title 24 reports are generated on state certified software, registered and ready to be submitted to the city. We promptly handle any plan check comments or corrections without any additional fee.


We are tuned to work with you and your team

We can work along with you, your team and clients to provide detailed and accurate Title 24 reports for all your projects. We provide a quality output and dedicated service. You can rely on us for all your Title 24 requirements. Please upload your project via the Order form or feel free to reach out to us at 
to discuss further.

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Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay updated with brief and actionable notes on the CA Title 24 requirements.

Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay updated with brief and actionable notes on the CA Title 24 requirements.

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